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Who We Are

Finney Media: Your consultant team showing you how to reach your audio audience with heart, talent and story—for greater impact, broader reach and more positive change.

Program Consulting

Experienced help with content, music, formatics, ratings and more

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Talent Coaching

Caring coaches to help you make heart connection

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Representative sample music testing, perceptuals and focus groups

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Meshing radio and online experience for audience engagement

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Finney Why Listen

The national survey that listens to the listener

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What We Do

How can I find the Finney Fast Five?

How can I find the Finney Fast Five?

This monthly snapshot of something important, helpful and actionable can be located HERE. It also appears on the Christian Music Broadcaster website.

How can I find the Finney Fast Five?

What we do

What does Finney Media do?

Finney Media’s experienced consultants and coaches show you how to reach your audio audience with heart, talent and story—for greater impact, broader reach and more positive change.

What does Finney Media do?

How does Finney work?

What are specific ways that Finney Media works?

Finney Media works through one on one meetings, both in-person and by video, and by group sessions of all sizes at your station or ministry. Finney Media also has a regular On-Site-Seminar session in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. The big topic areas that Finney Media covers are Program Consulting, Digital Strategy, Talent Coaching, Music Selection, People Selection and several forms of Research-Music, Perceptual, Representative Sample and the Finney Why Listen? survey. The national Finney Why Listen? survey began in 2016 and is conducted regularly, though not more than annually.

What are specific ways that Finney Media works?

How to get started?

How do I get started working with Finney Media?

You can click HERE and fill in the form, and someone will contact you.  Or you can call Chuck Finney at 214-676-7713 or Jan Shober at 719-331-6482.  Chuck or Jan will ask you a few questions, and in most cases, once a plan is agreed upon, you will receive a proposal.  The Finney Media Why Listen? Workday works on-site in Dallas-Ft. Worth is a registration event, and more information and the schedule is available HERE

How do I get started working with Finney Media?

Why is Finney the Best?

What makes Finney Media my best choice?

Finney Media has caring, experienced people on staff, who value relationship—that means a relationship with you.  Every consultant has long media experience with each person bringing some unique skill to help you.  Both Contemporary Christian Music, Teach-Talk and the Digital World are well represented, as are Programming, Talent Coaching, Program Placement, Hiring, People Placement, Research and Digital.  Full BIOS can be read HERE.

What makes Finney Media my best choice?

Finney Works with Chuck

Finney Works includes thoughtful actionable posts by Chuck and the team to keep you on the grow.

Life Long Improv

How an Open Heart and Mind Keeps You in Shape   Beth here. I started in radio and TV a …

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10,000 Opportunities

  There are 10,080 minutes in one week. This is Chuck and I did the math. Think about this . …

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Why Listen? Release Date

August has arrived.  As you sit on the sandy beach, you have a few minutes to think.  And you suddenly …

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Who is your P1?

One Surprising Truth About Your P1 Listener   The Lowdown on P1 Listeners     Blog Info Chuck Recently questions …

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On-air Prayer

Five Finney tips to guide prayer on-air Prayer On-Air:  How to Connect with God and Your Listener Five How-to Tips …

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Research History

Hooperratings started it all: What research did in the 30’s and still does today.   What your listeners really want, …

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Relationship matters

We view our clients as partners, as friends, as people who live in families and have a larger personal story. Clients may come to us for specific business needs, but our hope is they are blessed and enlarged by the relationship we share.

The listener is our focus

As we work in audio communications, we work with the listener in our mind’s eye.  Most of our research, our mental framing and indeed our strategy revolves around this person.  If the listener yawns, we care.

Proverbs 22:1 is our Biblical underpinning.

“A good name is to be desired more than silver or gold, favor more than great riches.”

The details of our lives and the business are directed toward integrity. This translates to how we pay our bills, how we share difficult news and how transparent we are.

Our ultimate mentor for creativity is God

We stand in awe of God’s creativity and the wonder of his creation.  We look to Jesus for our model on both the power of story and the art of storytelling.  He is also the living story that touches us most deeply with his life, death and resurrection, and the fact that he offers us a gift of salvation.

We believe growth is possible

We believe growth is possible both for a faith-life, size of audience, your family, and yes, how a team operates. This is part of our optimistic, encouraging and hopeful DNA, but also based on research.